Today Maciek was on his first visit to the vet, he received another dose of anti-parasite agents and before Christmas he will be vaccinated against dog diseases. In the shelter he was vaccinated only for rabies, because it is the only mandatory vaccination for dogs in our country. He endured all the tests with peace of mind including examination of prostate :)

Our new dog - Maciek is already with us for 5 days and it’s amazing how much progress he has made during this time. He walks well on a leash, is no longer afraid of a staircase, he can show that he wants to go outside. He is still the most attached to me, to the rest of the family he is still sometimes not confident. Zoya, at first jealous seems to be at peace with the presence of a second dog at home.

Meet Maciek, our new doggo from the shelter. For now we all have to get used to each other.

A few days ago the first snow fell. Zoya like almost every dog likes snow. And finally she is visible :)

For the last 3 days Zoya has walked a lot of kilometers with us. She doesn't like staying alone at home, so she's been with us all day long. She didn't even have time for naps during the day. And yesterday, after crossing 15 kilometers, she was already tired so daddy helped her a bit.

Day as everyday: walk, forest and Zoya as a branch manager ;)

Hello! I'm new on Mastodon. I've heard about this doggo friendly place from @alysonsee . I have five furry babies: four kitteh and one doggo and I love them all with all my heart.

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