are you the moldy bread that
still lies on my shelf
you’ve kinda grown up, but you are
certainly not yourself

are you the broken record
that constantly repeats
i lie awake at nights
your Tourette never sleeps

are you the leaking tap
annoying and persistent
you make it very hard to
pretend you’re non-existant

are you the macrocosm
in every way expanding
force-fielding me to see
forever so demanding

because i am bound to you
in sickness and in sickness
every one of you troubles
i have to, sadly witness

so are you ball and chain
for me to play with cuffs
i wonder if this life
will ever be enough

#poetry #tomyself #mywork #ocd

old people crumble
like an old bread
that their body suddenly turns
when they age
that doesn’t, at all
to resurrection

now there are only crumbs
leftovers you can pick
clean up, after
the mess that life leaves
when it leaves.

#poetry #dying #grief #mywork #family

people scribble their life, slowly
on tiny pieces of papers
that any god
can crumple
whenever they want
to trashbin

and all you can do
is hope for
some of the ink
that flows
in your veins

#poetry #family #bloodline #grief #mywork

i shared a room with my evil twin
i’d always go out, she’d always stay in
till her skin was white and paper-thin
devoid of sunlight

i share a room with the past-times-ghost
i sometimes still find her make-up and clothes
scattered around the house she was
playing, but never home

they say it’s bad luck when we meet
my doppelganger, sometimes i’m weak
my doppel-gender, she steals my life when i sleep
and slips in with her depression

sometimes i wonder if the pieces fit
is it truly the same heartbeat
we share, same kind of seed
that made us born
when all we do is divide and quit
the memories we can’t integrate.

#poetry #multiplicity #genderdysphoria #mywork

Two days ago I sensed a tumor on Zoya's skin. It didn't look good so we took her to our vet immediately. The vet made an appointment for the next day's treatment. Yesterday Zoya went through a tumor excision procedure. Until the evening she was very weakened after anaesthesia, but today she is already showing up and she is cheerful. And we are waiting with anxiety for the results of histopathology... I'm so scared...

Today it was sunny so as every Sunday we went for a longer walk to the forest with a whole pack. I haven't mentioned it yet, but Maciek has a strong hunting instinct, so while we walk in the forest he sometimes run away and chasing the deer. Today he was a good boy for almost half a way, but on the way back it wasn't that good anymore... Now they are both falling asleep tired and we will be able to watch the film in peace and quiet.

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