Today it was sunny so as every Sunday we went for a longer walk to the forest with a whole pack. I haven't mentioned it yet, but Maciek has a strong hunting instinct, so while we walk in the forest he sometimes run away and chasing the deer. Today he was a good boy for almost half a way, but on the way back it wasn't that good anymore... Now they are both falling asleep tired and we will be able to watch the film in peace and quiet.

Zoya with snow pompoms.
After castration, Zoya's fur has become fluffy as puppies have (our vet says it's from castration, although I haven't found such information anywhere). This makes her hair soak up more water and snow sticks to her forming balls.

Our sunday walk. This is a historic place for us. Here we once took pictures with the Flafik just before we became a couple (13 years ago). A year ago we repeated the session with Zoya, this year Maciek joined us :)

After a walk, Zoya turned into a cat and dries on a windowsill.

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