Three weeks since we said goodbye to Miss Roo. We bought a little metal sculpture of a dog and put it in the wooly thyme where she used to like to meditate in the sun. We can see it from the back porch and from out the window, and it gives us comfort to remember her peacefully sunbathing among the bees.

This weekend, we celebrated Suki’s 10th birthday with 10 small pieces of chicken sausage.

Roo’s pajamas were on top of a pile of blankets, all freshly folded from the laundry. I wasn’t sure at first what Suki wanted when she started gesturing to the pile. When I put the items within reach, she chose Roo’s pajamas and laid down on them on her dog bed. Our first day without her and we all feel how much she is missed.

This morning, we had to say goodbye to Miss Roo, our ~18 yo Italian greyhound. We have been blessed with the comfort of her companionship for four years, and I will miss the way she fell asleep so completely on my chest and the way she skipped to her dinner bowl when it was chicken day. Her last hours with us were in the sunshine and in our arms, where she loved to be. Sweet dreams, sweet pea.

Pasha is loving having the windows open in the morning. Happy spring to Fediverse doggos and their people,

Pasha has deduced that the key to not having share his rawhide chew is to simply handcuff it to his face.

Every few minutes, Miss Roo wakes up from her Vitamin D bath and puts her nose into the breeze to assess the neighbor’s cookout. Then it’s back to the Saturday siesta.

Old age goals: the lap of someone who loves me, a sunny day, a cool breeze, and nowhere else to be.

Hello, 71F (21C) and sunny. Bring out the porch furniture! There is much lounging to be done!

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