Hello, 71F (21C) and sunny. Bring out the porch furniture! There is much lounging to be done!

Suki is sleeping peacefully on my lap, and I dare not move lest I disturb the balance in the universe. Please send a sandwich. I may be here a while.

Miss Roo and Suki give this weekend’s cold weather a rating of two non-opposable thumbs down.

Suki and Pasha have assumed the “waiting out the storm” posture. Snow should start coming down any minute and go into tomorrow.

We got 3-4 inches of snow on Friday and then, in true form, the sun came out full force. Many beams were absorbed by all 3 pups this weekend.

Like hell I’m opening the door to the yard. Our little corner of the neighborhood smells like skunk right this minute.

My long-departed cocker spaniel got skunked twice back when I lived near the foot of the mountains. And I’m here to tell you that the off-the-shelf de-skunker did not work, tomato juice didn’t not work, laundry softener and whatever else home remedy suggested to me did not work. The dog was miserable, and the humans were miserable.

I’m supposed to be planning a big overseas trip, and I keep getting hung up on how much I will miss the dogs.

Saturdays are for sleeping in followed by dog massages and humongous cups of tea (for the humans). Suki is ready for step #2.

Pasha wishes the Fediverse a good morning and hopes your Sunday also starts and ends with cuddles.

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