Like hell I’m opening the door to the yard. Our little corner of the neighborhood smells like skunk right this minute.

My long-departed cocker spaniel got skunked twice back when I lived near the foot of the mountains. And I’m here to tell you that the off-the-shelf de-skunker did not work, tomato juice didn’t not work, laundry softener and whatever else home remedy suggested to me did not work. The dog was miserable, and the humans were miserable.

I’m supposed to be planning a big overseas trip, and I keep getting hung up on how much I will miss the dogs.

Saturdays are for sleeping in followed by dog massages and humongous cups of tea (for the humans). Suki is ready for step #2.

Pasha wishes the Fediverse a good morning and hopes your Sunday also starts and ends with cuddles.

Rare naked shot of Miss Roo. All winter long, she models her array of Iggie fashion by day but she still sleeps au naturel (buried under lots of covers). This is her “WHY did you wake me” face.

Miss Roo's infection is back. :( After 2 ultrasounds, blood work, and a 2 weeks of antibiotics, we never did figure out what the root cause was in November. This time, we had a full blood panel done. Turns out her kidney disease has advanced as well. Doc says that she could hang on for weeks or years, but given her advanced age (15-18 yo), it is likely 6 months to a year. Right now, she is happy and snuggly. But we are going to have to make some tough choices soon.

It got up to 60F (16C) today—just warm enough to melt the snow in the shady patches in the yard and to uncover and dislodge the remaining dog turds. Aaaaand now it’s snowing again. Sideways.

Just sang Suki a little lullaby and, almost before the end of it, she was talking and chasing rabbits in her sleep.

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Miss Roo has checked the weather report and declared today an official “poop on the floor indoors” day.

OK, so every night is technically a three-dog night at my house. But it really and truly is three-dog-night cold here tonight. So, rather than admitting that I’m just dog crazy, I’m calling myself a good planner for winter.

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Is there a word for a dog parent's tendency to spontaneously make up songs about their dogs? There really should be a word for that because it would make it seem, uh, totally normal and not weird at all.

in my head: "I Saw Suki Sniffing Santa Claus"

Suki got a bath yesterday and she is extra soft and fluffy for this morning’s cuddle.

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