Suki got a bath yesterday and she is extra soft and fluffy for this morning’s cuddle.

This weekend we've been watching the 6-episode documentary called "Dogs" on Netflix. Each episode is a different example of the special bond between humans and dogs. My favorite so far is the one about Zeus from Syria.

Thanks for the recommendation, @testingwithfire

Why—WHY do you wake me? Schedule schmedule. Tell the sun to come back later.

For tonight, I have my three cuties and my wife all together in a safe, warm place, and I am , grateful, grateful because all of that can change in a flash. (3/3)

You can bet that, after a day spent hanging around an emergency speciality hospital, our dogs will get extra loving tonight. Not everyone I saw in the lobby got good news. One woman went home with cremains, another was sobbing in the lobby while her elderly dog whined at her feet, another had to find an ATM because his card wouldn't cover the bill, and another was facing a $2000+ deposit just to get overnight care for a dog that had to be brought in on a gurney. What awful, awful choices. (2/3)

No emergency surgery needed. Hooray! But Miss Roo does have a severe infection--so severe that there is too much fluid to really see *why* until she dries up a bit. So, it's 2 weeks of antibiotics and then another ultrasound to see if she has a foreign irritant, a glandular issue, or perhaps cancer. In the meantime, she is not in pain, her vital signs are normal, her blood panel is normal, and she is acting like her normal self. We are just going to have to manage the drainage issue. (1/3)

Miss Roo developed an internal infection this weekend. We’ve had her at her regular vet today. But she needs to be seen by a specialist tomorrow (if not tonight). If it is what they suspect, the usual treatment would be surgery. But she is somewhere between 15 and 18 years old and her skin is paper thin. I don’t think she would survive surgery.

It is going to be an emotional, stressful few days.

On Sundays, Fah (my wife) makes pancakes and SAUSAGE. Which means that Sundays at breakfast time are also when I can grab a picture of all 3 of them staring at me at once. :)

Not fair! Today is Thursday! Bath day is supposed to be on the weekend!

These guys are killing me with their guilt-inducing stares of disappointment. They thought for sure that their dance around the living room had convinced me to stay home from work and play ... until I put my coat and shoes on. :(

Cloudy Sundays are for hanging out in jammies and taking turns at belly rubs.

Anyone know if it's possible to pre-populate all posts with certain tags? It might help more dog lovers to find this Mastodon instance if some of us attached , , , or to our posts. But I keep forgetting to do it on mine.

Sunny sundays are for cruising with Pasha.

Newsflash in this developing story: Iggie has gotten sleepy and settled down.

An Italian Greyhound when it’s less than 70 degrees F outside. There is also a heated Snuggle Safe disc under that blanket.

Toe pad hair trimming day. I’m Pasha’s least favorite momma right now.

Shhhh. On Sunday, 8:30 is still too early.

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