This is what tired pups look like after getting me up at 03:00. I told them they would be tired if they didn't go back to bed, but they didn't listen.

"YOUR WELCOME" with Michael Malice: Episode 025 - On The Leash - Justin Silver

I recently discovered Justin Silver and his blog and videos for understanding your pup. He is a dog trainer and a dog whisperer of sorts. I have found his blog incredibly useful for understanding my pups.

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For the last 3 days Zoya has walked a lot of kilometers with us. She doesn't like staying alone at home, so she's been with us all day long. She didn't even have time for naps during the day. And yesterday, after crossing 15 kilometers, she was already tired so daddy helped her a bit.

Anyone getting a bunch of follows from The bot instance

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We just finished running part of the trail. They saw a squirrel so we had to slow down until they stopped yelping and dashing around.

The 'leave it!' command does not work when these two see a squirrel.

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@rarri welcome aboard! If you have any questions, just message me!

Aayla chewing on her Himalayan Dog Chew in the morning. This is her and Hans' favorite chew treat in the whole world!

The pups tricked me this morning. They woke me up a few minutes ago to go outside to do their business. Now usually they don't get fed until 5am at the earliest, ans they know that.

Today, though, they both came in and ran to their food bowls, so my autopilot kicked in and I mixed up they food (Spot Farms) and fed them.

I sat down to check on Canine Cloud and I see the time.

No wonder I'm feeling tired... it's early.

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I suck at Inkscape... anyone want to help me make the header/hero image for Canine Cloud?

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We now have a Code of Conduct! Yay! finally!

Please take a little time to read through it so you know!

@breanne welcome to Canine Cloud! If you have any questions, just ask me!

It is encouraged that you post an intro about yourself and your doggos!

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