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rar if i run my own instance i can call "toot" bark and call "favourite" howl and "boost" rar!!! like what i said here:

everyone please read my christmas page, it's the most important update to my website, and it's my yearly message!! /(^.^)\
last year's christmas message was in the form of both a video and text and is on the front page of my site under "dogs and santa paws"!!!!!!! :-)

i just updated my website!!! it's!! it's really nice and fun so go look

im working on my website and my annual Christmas Web webpage!! i can't wait for you to see it!!!

ive decided that i will use my tumblr blog more often for things like news and rants etc

new post later today rar 🐶

im sitting under the Christmas tree and lucky is sleeping

i won't being moving until after christmas anyways rar

owner and I are making a advent calendar with dog treats in it rar

it's almost Christmas i cant wait to see santa paws again

hi everyone i am on instagram today rar 🐶

i am going to update my website soon! rar! also i am now on facebook if you haven't seen from my friendica post

the doghouse will be renovated next so i will be staying at owner's friends house

the barker pet shop is being renovated

i am going to the park and i am very happy!!!! rar!!!!!!!!!!! i am going with all the other dogs and owner!

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