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Canine Cloud, Code of Conduct

Section 1.0 - Introduction

This is the general Code of Conduct for all members of Canine Cloud. By 'members' we mean, all accounts registered with Canine Cloud including general users, admins, and moderators.

At Canine Cloud, we want to be inclusive and generally good to each other. To borrow from Bill and ted's Excellent Adventures, our unofficial motto is "be excellent to each other"! In that respect, the following code is to be unilaterally applied to all members and by signing up for the Canine Cloud service you agree to this Code of Conduct.

Section 1.1 - General Behavior

How we interact with each other is important to building a strong and vibrant community, so we would like to avoid certain behaviors in order to foster such a community. As a rule, don't do anything you wouldn't let your pup do in public, but to clarify here is a list:

  • Avoid making personal attacks
  • Trolling will not be tolerated
  • Public and Private oppressive language and actions are not acceptable
  • Any unethical or maladaptive behavior will be punished

All users are, therefore, encouraged to report any of the above behaviors to the admins or moderators of Canine Cloud. Users can either report issues to @PoetGrant directly or use the report feature built-in to the Mastdodon service and action will be taken promptly.

Section 1.2 - Nudity & Pornography

In addition to the Behaviors section, nudity and pornography will not be tolerated on this instance. Even with "content warnings" nudity and pornography has nothing to do with this instance's goals. If any user sees these kinds of posts, they are strongly encouraged to report them immediately. Your pup does not need to see all the kinks that exist on the interwebs!

Addendum: a picture of your dog or cat without a collar or without some sort of sweater is NOT considered nudity. :)

Section 1.3 - Spam, Spam, Spam

Dogs may salivate for spam(the semi-meat kind), but it is not good for them! So don't throw up spam(the digital kind) on this instance. No one wants to see spam posts. We all are here to share our thoughts and pictures of our beloved pets. Spam discourages community and encourages bad behavior. So if you see spam, report it.

Section 1.4 - Links (not the sausage kind)

When posting a link, please write a little about what is behind the link. Just posting links to content without describing it will not get you many clicks and quickly becomes a form of spam to the community members.

Many of our members may have blogs or websites that they want to share. This is encouraged, but there needs to be some sort of description so that other members know what they are clicking on. This part of the code is partially to help reduce spam and also to help protect our members from malicious content, so before you post a link, please describe what lies behind the link.

Section 1.5 - Bad Doggy!

Be Excellent to Each Other!

To reiterate, don't go looking for a fight. Just as we oppose dog fighting, we also oppose human fighting. We are one instance in a huge sea of other servers on Mastodon. Ours is focused on our love for our pets, but others focus on a wide range of topics. When you interact with each other and with people from other instances, try not to be a jerk. Although we understand that sometimes debates get heated and emotions fly, try to be civil and avoid things like:

  • Name-calling
  • Ad hominem attacks
  • Knee jerk reactions

In short, you represent Canine Cloud with every interaction you have with members of other instances on Mastodon, so try to remain civil.

Section 1.6 - Barking and Tail-Wagging

Canine Cloud was created to be a home to pet parents and dog lovers, so let's try to keep the focus on our love for our pets. We are not super restrictive as an instance, but it would be good to keep in mind that the purpose of this site is for pet related topics.

If you want to talk about your day at work, that's fine! However, we all joined Canine Cloud to see dogs, recipes for dog treats, and training techniques for our fur babies, so let's try to keep the conversation geared towards that.

Section 1.7 - English Barking Only

For now, we are a small instance with only one admin/moderator. Because of that, we can only moderate English posts effectively. So for the safety of our users we can only support posts written in English until the instance grows enough and we can find someone to help moderate other languages.

Section 1.8 - Advertising

We do not want to be the next Facebook or Twitter, so advertising is forbidden.

That does not mean that you can't share your favorite brand of dog treats or pet toys. That does not mean you can't show you brand loyalty and support different brands. However, we will not allow Companies to create a profile so that they can advertise on our platform. If an individual from a company wants to join and share with the community, that is fine as long as they don't violate any of the above policies.

Just to reiterate, we are NOT an advertising platform. We are a bunch of crazy pet parents! :D

Section 1.8 - Closing

By adopting this Code of Conduct, users commit themselves to fairly and consistently applying these principles to every aspect of using this instance. Users who do not follow or enforce the Code of Conduct may be permanently banned.

This Code of Conduct applies both to toots on Canine Cloud and to public spaces when an individual is representing Canine or its community.

Instances of abusive, harassing, or otherwise unacceptable behavior may be reported by contacting an admin, or by using the report button. All reports will be reviewed and investigated and will result in a response that is deemed necessary and appropriate to the circumstances. Admins are obligated to maintain confidentiality with regard to the reporter of an incident.